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               Before Frank Catalanotto knew just where he'd open his new restaurant, he knew exactly

what he'd be serving and had the name nailed down too.  Nephew's Ristorante is a tribute to


his family and it's long history of preparing Sicilian and Italian Creole food for New Orleans. 


The "nephew" refers to Catalanotto himself as his uncle is the late Tony Angello of the former


landmark Tony Angello's Ristorante.


               Frank had been executive chef at Tony Angello's Ristorante, a job he grew into naturally


through the dynamics of the family business.  He started working for his uncle as a teenager back


when the restaurant first opened in 1972.  He took on more responsibilities, including learning the


business  from his uncle and the recipes from his mom, Tina, and his Aunt Frances until he


essentially became the keeper of the family recipes. 

               "They taught me  the recipes and I took over when they  retired.  Then for the longest


time  it was just me and my uncle. I will continue to bring to my customers the experience of 'Feed


Me'  and other kitchen specialties of my family."

-Frank Catalanotto


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